Bridge Tips No 2.



Game-Try in Hearts or Spades after a 1NT Opener


The basic ACOL responses to an opening bid of 1NT are:


2C = Stayman

2D, 2H and 2S are weak take-outs and must be passed by opener

2N is a balanced game-try showing 11 12 points

3C and 3D are slam-tries with a five card or longer suit and 19+ points

3H and 3S are game-forcing with a five card or longer suit and 13+ points


But what about the following hand which occurred on Tue 11 Nov?


T943 When E opens 1NT, S has no sensible bid available,

T54 Dlr: E best to pass and defend.

K872 Vul: Both W has a problem. If he bids 2H, opener will pass and

92 a game may be missed. If he bids 3H, E is forced to

A65 Q8 bid 3N or 4H which will probably be too much if E has

QJ632 A97 two small hearts or only 12 points.

AT4 QJ3 The answer is for W to first bid 2C and then, whatever

43 K8765 E responds, bid 3H.

KJ72 Of course, E will take the 2C bid as Stayman and will

3 K8 respond accordingly but, when W now bids 3H (or 3S

11 12 965 if spades is his suit), will realise the kind of hand W

14 AQJT has and will bid accordingly. .